KoiWare Account Sign-in

To play Underlight, you must have an account with KoiWare, known as a KoiWare Account. Once a new account is created, you can login below and begin creating your character.

ATTENTION Returning Lyra / SoT Underlight Dreamers: Create a new Koi account and send an email to accounts@underlight.com to begin importing your old characters.

NOTE: If you were terminated by Lyra Studios LLC for any reason it is likely that your characters were purged from the database. Seek a Koi team member for further assistance.

KoiWare Account Login

If you have a KoiWare account, you can log in here to modify your account information, as well as to create, activate, and deactivate Underlight characters. Once you have signed up for a KoiWare account and created and activated one or more Underlight characters, you can launch the Underlight client directly.



New KoiWare Account Creation

If you need to create a new KoiWare account, please use the button below. Please note that you will NOT be able to play Underlight until you do this. Once an account is setup, you will be able to create and activate a new character.




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